Guidelines for applicants

Information for those wishing to apply for funding…

1. Please download and read the Applicant Guidelines here.

2. If you still wish to apply after reading the Guidelines we would, as a first step, like some very basic information from you:

I. The name of your organisation.

II. Your full name, address, contact details. Please make your position in the organisation clear.

III. What is the nature of the project for which you wish to attract financial support?

IV. Who will benefit from the success of the project?

V. How will the success of the project be measured?

VI. Are you intending to work with any partners or do you have any in mind?

VII. Do you have timescale for completing the project?

The information we are requesting should cover only one side of A4 in total. Please forward the information to Amie Rutter at

3. The Foundation will then consider your proposal and let you know the outcome in writing within one month. If we believe that your proposal is something we would potentially like to be involved with, we will send you an Application Form requesting a greater level of detail about your Organisation, the Project and the proposed budget.

4. If your proposal is successful in receiving a recommendation for funding from the Foundation, we will inform you in writing. This will take approximately three or four months, during which time we may contact you for more information or to arrange a meeting. We fully appreciate that you may, at any time, wish to withdraw your application.


The Hamish Ogston Foundation makes charitable donations via its account with the UBS UK DAF (Reg. Charity no. 1153551)

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